Are you just speaking English, or are you speaking English like a native speaker?
Take this challenge to check your ability in daily conversation.


Choose the best answer to complete each dialogue
You have 15 seconds to choose the answer
You can’t go back to change your choice
When a friend suddenly calls you …
Hey Sam! I need to talk.
Oh, sure. _____
You want to tell your friend that you’re extremely tired …
Hey, how are you doing?
When someone thinks of you in the wrong way or judges you too quickly …
Look at your clothes! You must be a street singer!
Oh,________ , please. That doesn’t speak anything about my job.
When you want to express regret …
Are you ok? You look so pale.
I stayed up too late last night. _____
When you tell someone to wait for a short amount of time …
Girl, can you hurry up? We’re late!
_______ I’m looking for my shoes!
When you want to express relief …
I saw a girl on bike almost bump into a toddler this morning!
_______, the toddler was safe and sound! He’s my cousin.
When you want to tell someone that you don’t mean to make them angry …
What do you think about me wearing this skirt?
Well,_______, but I think you should try jeans on instead.
When you want to tell your friend to feel more happy and positive about something…
I’m scared of being jobless after I graduate.
_______ There’re six months ahead for you to look at some recruitment ads!
When you accept an invitation …
Do you want to party with us tomorrow night?
_______ I’ve feel so bored recently that I just want to get a life!
When you want to postpone your answer
Hi May, we’ll discuss the picnic plan this weekend. Are you in?
I might be busy. ____________
Have you completed each dialogue yet?

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